Black Heads are dangerous to Skin, Here is simple VIDEO to remove them Forever

Remove Black Heads Naturally and permanently

Women/ Girls equally love and hate getting pimples and blackheads. They always look rotten and a big blinder hurts so much BUT it also means some serious mirror time and a whole lot of fun. I do not relate to the non-pickers. “Don’t do it” they say, “it will scar” they say. I would prefer to have scars on my face than big white heads or a nose full of black dots. And just for the record, I have been picking and popping for 20 odd years now and I am scar free, so I call bullshit to that theory.
I am such a sicko when it comes to pimple popping that I often You-Tube it. There are some incredible poppers on the net and although it makes me feel a bit sick I can’t get enough of it.Lately in my Instagram feed a video of a lady pulling what looks like black tar off her face with a mask has been appearing a lot. Have you seen it yet? The black tar/goo is going to town on her black heads. The Instagram video is on the Blaq Mask page, who have nearly 25,000 followers.

black heads clearance
I used the black head nose strips when I was younger but haven’t done them in yonks, this mask however takes the black head removal process to a whole other level.There is also a You-Tube video of a beauty vlogger called Josie K who used this stuff and filmed it. She seems to really like it. Ooooh so tempting, and since it is 100% and is meant to ‘suck the blackheads from your face’, I think I may have to purchase. It could be the best or worst $19 bucks I have ever spent. Thanks for watching and credits to video maker this will helps to many 


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