These Health issues will be cured with this WATER, Try

Jeera water

This is used to clear many health issues naturally by our grand parents from years. Here are its uses and how to prepare jeera water in your Home
Method of preparation:
Boil 1 litre of clean potable water with 1 to 1 and half spoons of jeera/Cumin .Let the water boil till it reduces to 750 ml.Cool and filter.This is jeera water.
Diseases cured by drinking jeera water:

jeera water

# cures most of the indigestion problems.
# It is cooling for the body because it removes most of the vata and pittha doshas.
# This is very useful for all gynecology problems like white discharge,irregular periods and the swelling of the uterus.
# for curing redness of eyes.
# for the burning sensation of the palms and soles.

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