What REALLY happens to your Body after having ALCOHOL & SMOKE


Alcohol and smoke (yes, including marijuana) interrupts and breaks down the crystalline matrix that helps expand their spiritual awareness and extrasensory perceptions. Very good to avoid all smoke and alcohol if you want to advance in your spiritual pursuits.
“Do not drink Alcohol. It will deplete minerals from the body, especially Magnesium. Reduce Your Stress. Stress will deplete minerals from the body. Do not Eat Fruit because it consists of mainly Fructose, which is one of the worst sugars. Only do gentle exercise, such as walking, gentle weight lifting, and others.

Vigorous exercise, such as running, and others, will stress out the adrenal and thyroid glands, will deplete minerals from the body, and will overuse the sympathetic nervous system branch. Only drink spring water because most other waters are either toxic, do not hydrate the body well, or are deficient in minerals.”

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