Reasons and Tips to Remove Black/ Dark Spots under eyes and Face

Eye spots

Are in stress, or not sleeping well then the pressure will be on your eyes, then the result is ‘Black spots” . These are the some Home remedies to avoid the eye spots.
Best Home and antural tips to clear Black spots
1)Have some pine apple juice and mix it with rose water. Then take a piece of cotton cloth and apply the black spot area. After fifteen minutes removed that cloth and apply any moisturized cream. So it is one better to avoid the eye spots.
2)Take two spoons of curd and mix a spoon of olive oil and apply below the eyes.After ten minutes clean and use any moisturized cream. This also helps to clear black spots of the eyes.

3)Take egg white, a spoon of honey andtwo spoons of milk mix all the three gently and apply to the black spoted areas of the eyes. After ten minutes you can remove it with dry cloth, apply moisturized cream.
4)Mix raw milk and two spoons of rose water,apply to black spots or we can call it as black circles of the eyes. After few minutes remove and apply the moisturized cream.

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