Tips to Remove TAN in your FOOT, Beauty Tips

Use lemon to remove the tan in your foots

If you want your foots to look attractive we have to go parlor and do some procedure which costs time and money. But sometimes it is difficult to go the Beauty parlor. So we can do this natural home remedy which will prepare with the help of lemon.
These are the some tips to apply the foots.
1.If your foot have tan then we can remove it using milk powder. The Procedure is, Take little milk powder and mix the rose water and apply it to foot. After five minutes clean it.
2.Take dry orange peal and mix the multani with water and apply to the foot.After twenty five minutes we can clean the foots and you can see some difference.

sun tan
3.Mix a spoon of sandal powder ,tomato juice and lemon juice and apply to foots. After ten to fifteen minutes clean the foots. Try this mix weekly twice or three times to remove the tan permanently.

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